City Relies on T880 Vacuum Trucks

The metropolitan Seattle area has a reputation for its rainfall, drizzle and often overcast skies. During autumn, as the leaves begin to drop, the increase in precipitation washes those leaves into storm drains. To keep storm drains clear of debris, the City of Kirkland utilizes Kenworth T880s, equipped with Vactor vacuum tanks, to unclog the drains so that rainwater can pass through without causing backups.

“Our T880s are out on the road every single day, clearing storm drains, assisting with digging projects and responding to emergencies,” says Archie Ferguson, fleet manager for the City of Kirkland, which is located just east of Seattle across Lake Washington.

The city’s T880s are equipped with 370 hp engines and automated transmissions. The Vactor vacuum system is capable of holding 1,500 gallons of water and sucking in 12 yards of debris. The pump is capable of pushing the water out at 2,500 PSI at 80 gallons per minute.

The City of Kirkland, which covers more than 17 square miles with a population base at nearly 90,000 residents, added the Kenworth T880s to its fleet earlier this year. “When spending taxpayer money, it’s especially important to purchase equipment that offers the best return on investment,” says Ferguson. Operating equipment that minimizes the cost burden of taxpayers is the number one priority, and the City of Kirkland is finding that to be true with its Kenworth T880s. “We’re able to keep our T880s on the road doing their job, rather than accumulating costs,” says Ferguson.


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